Always Me

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Lyrics By
Kenny Carlile
Music By
Kenny Carlile
Mixed By
Steve Poole
Kenny Carlile
Mastered By
Steve Poole
Kenny Carlile
Performances By

Vocals: Steve Poole
Drums: Kenny Carlile
Bass: Kenny Carlile
Acoustic Guitar: Kenny Carlile
Electric Guitars: Kenny Carlile


Verse 1

Since it all began
The greatest lie of man
Down on my knees
Hand in hand

Eyes full of tears
And begging for the truth
Couldn't do it alone
But where were you

My faith in her
My faith in him
Disdain for you
I've earned my sin

All this from nothing
The darkness shattered
Evolve from chaos
Selected patterns


You let me down
You were never there
It was always me
It was always me
Never needed you
Why did I believe
But now I see
It was always me

Verse 2

Nothing to explain
We did it all
Was your downfall

All those wasted years
All that wasted breath
Betrayed by love
Just like the rest

I hold this grudge
Never to forgive
Too short to fear
This life to live

Twenty years gone by
Now I'm free
Burned every bridge
Escaping the ma-chine


I'm never letting go again
I'm never letting go again
This is where my life begins
I'm never letting go again