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Lyrics By
Steve Poole
Music By
Steve Poole
Mixed By
Steve Poole
Kenny Carlile
Mastered By
Steve Poole
Kenny Carlile
Performances By

Vocals: Steve Poole
Drums: Steve Poole
Bass: Steve Poole
Electric Guitars: Steve Poole
Slide Guitar: Kenny Carlile
Piano: Steve Poole


All our lives circling like fireflies
Around the dim light of hope
That we both keep alive
I don't want to lie
And I no longer try
'Cause if I make you cry
It means that I've got inside
Just one more tiny time
To feel something real again
And if I make you cry
Don't ever ask me why
Because it gets me high
I used to love every lie
But as those things came undone
I found I wasn't the only one
Who was trying to have fun
Trying to be the special one
Now that it's come undone
The starting is never done
The loneliest isn't one
The weight weighs a ton
But if you paid attention
I'd never have to mention
What you left for me
This empty bitter symphony
And everyone plays off key
It doesn't feel the same to me
And I will not recognize
The fantasy built on your lies
Because I realize
That some knots come untied
The practiced ones could not be relied upon
To hold the bonds together long
And the ship breaks loose
And the hangman's noose
Is cast upon the wind
Forgiving us of all our sins
'Cause God did not know where to begin
When it came to you
When it came to you
No one knew what to do
'Cause it's only lies
The water's just the tears we cry
It doesn't seem to matter much
That you don't need to feel my touch
But I guess it is such
How you used that old crutch
To hold yourself up