Most Dangerous Place

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Lyrics By
Kenny Carlile
Music By
Kenny Carlile
Mixed By
Steve Poole
Kenny Carlile
Mastered By
Steve Poole
Kenny Carlile
Performances By

Vocals: Steve Poole
Drums: Kenny Carlile
Bass: Kenny Carlile
Electric Guitar: Kenny Carlile
Piano: Kenny Carlile
Trumpet: Kenny Carlile


Verse 1

Alone on the sidewalk
Too dark for the daytime
Damp air cuts this jacket
And the whiteout makes me blind

What little is left
Is all that I have
Been this way a hundred times
So why do I need this map?


I'm on my way to being home again
All the words I know she would have said
I'm not afraid to feel alone again
Dangerous places here inside my head

Verse 2

It's all the same
Like it's never been
She's here inside these walls
And calling in the wind

I'd give up everything
Fall to my knees
To hold her one more time
How can I believe?


Inside my head
Inside my head
Not safe for anyone
Not even me
Dangerous places here
Inside my head