Runnin’ Around In My Dreams

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Lyrics By
Kenny Carlile
Music By
Kenny Carlile
Mixed By
Steve Poole
Kenny Carlile
Mastered By
Steve Poole
Kenny Carlile
Performances By

Vocals: Steve Poole
Drums: Kenny Carlile
Bass: Kenny Carlile
Acoustic Guitars: Kenny Carlile
Mandolin: Kenny Carlile
Harmonica: Kenny Carlile


Verse 1

Lately I've been dreaming crazy
You show up where you don't belong
It's prob'ly the whiskey I've been drinking
But you've been stringin' my heart along


How cold for you to end this love and walk away
You turned my blue skies into storm clouds, dark and grey


Why (have) you been runnin' 'round in my dreams?
Why can't you just let me be?
Been gettin' over you so long
But it's hard to be this strong
Why (have) you been runnin' 'round in my dreams?
Why (have) you been runnin' 'round in my dreams?

Verse 2

I don't fear the monsters in my nightmares
And falling dreams never get me down
Being naked for a test at school seems easy
Compared to running into you in town


What would Sigmund say about this subconscious slip?
You left me hanging here and I'm losing my grip
All those years you fed me lies
And I start to close my eyes...